Application Purpose

The FreeDesk application was built as a proof of concept application for the Innovations department at the offices of a large multi-national corporation in central London who wanted to show how beacon technology could be used in an office environment.  The application uses Bluetooth Beacons placed in and around desks that are made available for hot-desking.  Desk "owners" make their desks available at certain times and desk "seekers" can use the app to find desks that have been made available.

Technical Summary

I developed the Android version of the application in Java and worked closely with a colleague who developed the iOS version at the same time.  We used a combination of beacons from different providers (Estimote, Kontakt and Radius Networks) and we built a back-end database in Parse to store the desk status information.  We used a scheduled Push Notification service to remind desk owners to update their desk status regularly.


The following screenshots are taken from a demo version of the application running on a Nexus 5 phone: